TURFCO does great work. They have made my lawn look great for the past 2 years. I highly recommend Kaleb and his very qualified crew.

Bryan MaglebyIdaho Falls

I just moved here from Texas and was overwhelmed with how to get all the dandelions out of my lawn. I was totally shocked with what one treatment from TurfCo was able to accomplish. My lawn is absolutely beautiful with zero weeds. I would highly recommend them.

Darrin PetersonIdaho Falls

Great! Have helped tach all specific needs.

David MoranIdaho Falls

I called Turfco to have them come to give me an estimate on spraying my trees for bug, he was so nice the price was right and he had it all done with in the hour. I was impressed on the professional attitude and the work. I have since called them to trim my trees.

Debbie YoungIdaho Falls

Kaleb and the rest of the turfco crew are great and a pleasure to work with. The snow has melted and I can't wait to get the guys out to rehab my lawn again this year. Thanks!

Emory HolstIdaho Falls

Last summer we purchased a home in Idaho Falls. Being new to the area I looked around and connected with Kaleb Phelps at Turfco.

I needed to have my sprinklers blown out, my dandelions killed, my grass fertilized and spiders eliminated. Kaleb and his crew came and took care of everything for me. It was wonderful to see those weeds shriveling up and disappearing. I'm excited for spring to see a green lawn and will definitely use Kaleb and his crew again.

If you need yard care, weed control, spider elimination or anything else for your yard, give Kaleb and Turfco a call. They do it right.

Glen O.Idaho Falls

I have lived in my home for a little over a year now and Turfco has been my go to for my lawn care needs. They are SO GREAT to work with. They are on time for their seasonal sprays, are very attentive while mowing and notice things that need to be done even without you saying or reminding. And aside from their wonderful work all the workers I have met are courteous and polite. I honestly don't believe you can go wrong with this company whether it's for your weekly maintenance or just your seasonal maintenance for weeds and bugs. You won't regret hiring them!

Hailey AndersonIdaho Falls

Best lawn care service I've ever used

Jeff SeiberIdaho Falls

Did a great job spraying and I feel that the prices are fair. Most important to me is that the workers they send are people I don't mind being on my property. They are very professional and respectful.They also helped me understand some issues with my grass that weren't even in relation to the spraying but they still spent time helping me.

Jim HarmerIdaho Falls

Kaleb runs a very good operation. He is conscientious, courteous and professional. Quality work at a fair price. On time and delivered exactly as expected. He was unable to accommodate us for recurring yard mowing but gave us 2 referrals. I will most definitely give Turfco my repeat business. They're the very definition of customer service!

Kenneth D.Idaho Falls

We love that they call to remind about the services they will be doing to our yard. Price is very resonable for the quality you get. They text a reminder of when they are coming. Very kind people. Work fast. Love their product that they put on our lawn!

Melissa DeanRigby

The best lawncare company I have used. I had them apply ground clear to part of my property and haven't had any weeds. They also did an awesome job fertilizing my lawn and trees. My lawn has never looked better! Will definitely keep using them and would recommend them to anyone!

Paul HansonIdaho Falls

They rock! Use them!

Paula H.Idaho Falls

I LOVE this company! I have them spray my house for spiders and pests every year. I don't have any problems with bugs and never see those creepy crawlies anymore which I despise so much! I can't wait to get my yard planted! They'll definitely be taking care of it as well. I have also worked for Turfco since 2016. They really care about those that are employed by them. They only hire the best of people and when they see you falling short, they give you opportunity to grow and develop. If you have a problem with services, they'll do anything they can to make it right. I highly recommend!!

Rachel HansonIdaho Falls

Turfco is ALWAYS fantastic! My yard requires a little more diligence since I have chickens free ranging in my yard. Kaleb knows I cannot have granular (since the chickens will eat it) and always advises me if I need to pen them up the night before. My lawn always look great, scale has been stopped on my fruit trees, the crab grass is under arrest and life is good! I urge you to call Turfco.

Tim MurrphyBlackfoot

Great rates and service! I use them every year for my lawn care and pest control needs!

Brian HallBlackfoot

Turfco has taken care of some of our office landscaping needs. Kaleb is honest, hard-working, and knows his stuff.

Andrew StoddardIdaho Falls

Awesome company to use. Very affordable and meticulous with their work. If you ever want a local company with trustworthy workers this is the place to use.

Anna M.Blackfoot

Great service! They always arrive when scheduled, and do a great job. Their applications are guaranteed and have made a huge difference on our lawn.

Barbara MillerIdaho Falls

***AMAZING SERVICE***** Turfco was friendly and Kaleb treated me very well! Great customer service skills. I needed my weeds sprayed. They came out that same day and took care of it! If you are looking for a lawn care company that does a great job, and is friendly to work with, please give Turfco a call.

Becky HoneBlackfoot

I refer turfco to allot of my customers if your looking for the best in diagnosing and treating trees turfco is great.Brandon StroudRent A Son

Brandon StroudIdaho Falls