Change the appearance of your lawn with fertilizer and weed control products to make your lawn the best on the block!

At Turfco, we guarantee to eliminate pests inside your home or business as well as outside, including your trees, shrubs and grass.

Nothing adds to the beauty of a your landscape then beautiful trees. Let us help you keep them healthy and green!

Weeds are ugly and extremely persistent. At Turfco we are experts when it comes to the weeds infiltrating eastern Idaho lawns.

Your family and friends will love the texture and feel of your new hydroseeded lawn by Turfco.

Don’t let sprinklers hinder you from having a beautiful green lawn. We can help you install and repair your sprinklers to give your lawn the moisture that it needs!

Landscaping can be a daunting task with all the work and options. At Turfco, we can help you find what you need and want to build your perfect yard!

Dethatching, also called power raking, is an excellent way to get your lawn off to a healthy start in early spring. We offer the best cleanup you’ll ever see with our specialized vacuums and rakes.

With Turfco, your lawn will look better than it ever has! Our specialty is making your lawns look incredible with the best mowing, trimming and edging.

Federal and state law requires that backflow prevention devices be tested annually. When water flows backward through the backflow preventer, the public drinking water source may become contaminated.