In Rigby, Idaho, Lawn Care is a big deal.  We have a variety of lawns whether they are small, big, have trees, or slopes and hills. We have such a variety its important to find the right mower. Today, we wanted to discuss  why or why not you may want a riding mower vs. push mower.

Push Mowers: Push Mowers or Self Propelled Mower are more small and versatile and can be considered by by many a great way to get in your exercise. Here’s a few of the more common things that make a push mower better and might help you decide what will be better. 

  • Cheaper. Obviously the size of a push mower is much smaller then a riding mower which makes a push mower much cheaper
  • More Variety. When choosing a mower in Rigby you’ll find a much larger selection of push mowers. You’ll likely be able to find exactly what you need for your budget.
  • Maneuverability. This is a big deal because most lawn have slopes and trees with high corners. Push mowers do so much better at this. It would be a pain if you got a riding mower only to find out it couldn’t reach parts of your lawn.
  • Less Maintenance. The Push mowers are very basic and simple because of that they have less moving parts which makes maintenance. 

Riding Mowers: Riding Mowers are quite a different ball game and can be quite the game changer giving the right lawn. Riding mowers can really be helpful so here’s a few of the things of why you might decide to make a bigger purchase for that riding mower.

  • Big Lawns. If you have a big lawn then that’s all you need as motivation to buy yourself a riding mower. Riding mowers give you the ability to finish a lawn in a hour that would take a push mower 5 hours. Its a time saver.
  • Uhh your not walking. This is pretty simple would you rather be sitting on a seat or walking and sweating through grass on uneven surfaces on sunny 90 degree summer days?? I’d choose the seat.
  • Faster. Time is a big deal. We all need time. If your mower just saves you half the time is worth the bigger investment.
  • More then just lawn. Riding mowers do more then just lawns. They are able to help with many of the other chores and to-do’s around the house.

If you have any questions concerning anything with Rigby lawn care call your specialist Turfco.