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So often people want to cut their lawns super short because they think that the lawn looks better or that it is healthier for your lawn. Well, the Lawns in Blackfoot tend to not think so! Below are a few things to consider before you go to shave your lawn. 

What does cutting your lawn too short do to your lawn? When the lawn is cut super short it exposes the soil and roots of the grass to the heat of the sun. As the sun bakes up that soil it will begin to affect the lawn. Pretty soon the lawn will begin to dry up and you’ll begin to the notice as the green turns to brown.

Sharp or Dull Blades? When cutting your lawn shorter you need to consider that as you drop the height down and as you go over bumps in the lawn that will hit the dirt. When you hit the dirt it dulls the blades. When your blades are dull they begin to smack and break the lawn instead of cutting it which is bad for the lawn.

So what’s the right length to cut your lawn? It always depends on the type of grass you have, how much water you give the lawn, and the climate. For lawn mowing in Blackfoot, they tend to do best at a 2.5 to 3-inch height. Typically that height will shade the roots enough and will keep your lawn green and healthy!

Lawns can be very delicate especially during those hot summer months. Let the experts at Turfco help you manicure lawn to make it look amazing! To get more details about your specific lawn contact the best of the best. Turfco has been serving east Idaho for many years and knows what your lawn needs. Give us a call today!