Why use Turfco for your fertilizing?

Fertilizing is an essential part of proper lawn care, this will increase the health and the color of the grass. We like to stress the importance of fertilizer because the thicker and healthier the grass, the easier it is to choke the weeds out. In just a short amount of time we can change a poor lawn to healthy, lush and green.
Turfco knows you want to enjoy your luscious green lawn with your families and pets, so we ensure that we have pet and child safe products. If you have any further questions you can contact anyone in the office at 208-357-1918.

Why is fertilization important?
A great looking and healthy lawn needs good soil to grow in, fertilizer helps to make this happen. Sunlight, water and nutrients are what it takes to maintain a healthy lawn. Those important nutrients are provided with fertilizer. Without the nutrients, there is a good chance that your lawn will shrivel up or turn brown, soil can naturally lose the nutrients it needs and fertilization is one way to replace them.

Fertilizing Treatments & Timing:
● Granular Fertilizer- Spring / Summer / Late Fall
● Over Seeding- Spring & Fall
● Humates- Spring
● Deep Root Fertilizer- (Trees)- Spring & Fall