Dethatching and Cleanup

A Lawn You Can Be Proud OfDethatching, also called power raking, is an excellent way to get your lawn off to a healthy start in early spring. By removing the excess layer of thatch (living and dead organic matter that occurs between the green matter and the soil surface) the root system will have a better environment to utilize air, water and nutrients. You will be surprised by how much thatch this process removes.

It’s simply the best lawn cleanup job you will ever see! We use a powerful vacuum mower and rake attachment to dig slightly below the lawn surface to rake up the thatch while simultaneously cutting the grass and sucking up everything into the catcher bins.

The vacuum power is incredible; it really sucks up everything! By removing the thatch and cutting the grass short in early spring, fresh green growth will thrive quickly. After dethatching, you will likely not need to mow your lawn again for three weeks. We highly recommend fertilizing your lawn immediately following dethatching.

Our dethatching service consists of the following:

• Dethatch (Powerrake) all lawn areas
• While dethatching the machine also mows the grass
• Bag and haul away all grass and debri (usually 1/2 a truck load for a lawn of 15,000 square feet, about 1/3 acre)
• Trim around all buildings, borders, fences and trees
• Edge sidewalks and driveways (may cost extra if significantly overgrown onto concrete)
• Clear grass clippings from sidewalks and driveways

Please give us a call or text and we will have a lawn consultant inspect your property and provide a free quote.

Dethatching? Timing Is Crucial!

Thatch can smother your lawn. Dethatching is tough on your lawn and should be done in the optimal conditions of May and June to ensure your grass has at least 45 days of great weather to heal.

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