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Just what is scalping and who does it mean for your Blackfoot lawn maintenance? It is common for people to want to mow their lawn really short. It makes sense. Short grass can look really good. Lots of short grass on those nice, green golf courses! Whether you like the short cut grass look or not, it is safe to say that your lawn in Blackfoot likely won’t handle it well. Below are a few things to consider about your Blackfoot lawn maintenance before you adjust the height you are mowing your lawn.

What Is Scalping?

Scalping means that you are mowing your lawn very short. When this happens it can expose the stems of the grass blades in your yard. Sometimes this is done intentionally. Sometimes it is accidental. 

You can do this intentionally by dropping your mower down to the lowest cutting height. If you choose to mow at this low height, you’ll need to be very careful to prevent accidental scalping. This typically happens when you have uneven spots in the yard and your mower hits a low spot bringing the blades down into the grass/dirt. Scalping also happens when your grass gets really long. Then it can fold over — causing the blades to cut the grass at the bottom of the grass blade instead of the top.

How Scalping Affects Your Lawn

Scalping your lawn is not normally recommended because there can be some harmful effects on your lawn. The roots of the grass get nutrients through photosynthesis of the blades of grass. Cutting your grass so short will limit the amount of energy that is available for the roots. This can weaken the grass and make it vulnerable to insects and disease. This also increases the chances of weeds popping up. The lawn doesn’t have enough blades to block the light from and defend itself against weed seeds.

If scalping happens during your Blackfoot lawn maintenance, the soil and roots of your grass get exposed to the heat of the sun. The hot sun will start to bake the soil. That will make an impact on the health of your grass. It won’t be long before your lawn begins to dry up and you’ll see the green start to turn brown.

Why Would Someone Choose To Scalp Their Grass?

Doing this intentionally is not common, but there are a couple of reasons why it might be done. This is one method of clearing out the debris left on your lawn over the winter. Also, this is one way that you can identify problem areas in a bumpy lawn. So if you do decide that you want to scalp your lawn — for whatever reason — it is best to do it early in the spring so your grass has plenty of time to recover.

How Scalping Affects Your Mower Blades

lawn mower bladesThe shorter you cut your grass, the lower your lawnmower blades will be to the ground — obviously. But this is something that needs to be taken into consideration. The issue is that when the mower blades get that close to the ground, they can frequently slam into the dirt anytime the mower hits a bump in the lawn.

When this happens, it will make your lawnmower blades dull. This is a problem because dull blades don’t cut the grass properly. Instead, they begin to smack and break the lawn instead of cutting through the blades. This will create an unhealthy lawn.

The Proper Length

So here’s the $64,000 Question. What is the best length to cut your grass? When you are performing Blackfoot lawn maintenance, we recommend mowing your lawn at a height of 2.5-3 inches. Remember, it always depends on what type of grass you have. Different grasses have different needs! The weather and the amount that you water can also have an effect on this. A height of 2.5-3 inches is a good range to provide shade for the roots of your lawn and keep in healthy and lush.

Call Turfco For Blackfoot Lawn Maintenance

Lawns can be very delicate during the intense summer heat that is coming our way. Our team of experts can help make sure your property is manicured properly to look amazing all summer long! Turfco has been serving east Idaho for many years and we know what your lawn needs. Give us a call today!